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"Two Walks in the Woods"

Marna Bell and Walter Jakubowski

June 20 to July 15, 2007

Artists Reception: Friday, June 22, 2007 5 - 8:30 pm

Walter Jakubowski Artist Talk: Thursday, June 28, 2007 at 7pm

guest photographers

Steven Seidman
David Wiedemer

artists in residence

Daniel P. Crozet
Jim Patton
David Perlman

gallery partner photographers

Dan Neuberger
Betsy Phillips
John Solberg
Gary Thompson
Phyllis Thompson
Sheridan Vincent

gallery executive director

Ed Vesneske

Gallery Hours:   Wednesday - Saturday 11 - 7 and Sunday 12 - 4


Dear ICPG Patron,                                              

The next show at Image City Photography Gallery is entitled Two Walks In The Woods, work by Marna Bell and Walter Jakubowski.   . . . and what wonderful walks they are!  Marna takes us through Green Lakes State Park and Walter through the Adirondack Mountains, each capturing nature’s beauty in their own personal and stylistic manner.  In viewing their work I am reminded of the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson referring to “a unity between man and nature” and “man should become one with nature.”  The images speak to these thoughts.

Marna’s work is the result of more than a dozen visitations to the park, a personal reflection influenced by her Mother’s illness and passing.  She states “I felt a deep connection to the water and the realms under the surface. It was almost a meditation.”  Marna’s approach to her eventual passion for photography was influenced by her early training as an abstract expressionist, resulting in emphasized spatial relationships and color schemes.  There is a fundamental proposition of regard for small detail and the relationship of light and shadow. Her work has been reviewed as “literal descriptions of the artist’s search for a perfect point of equilibrium; the stillness at the center.”  Marna’s perspective and unique selectiveness results in a very sensitive interpretation and presentation of nature.

Marna received a BFA from Pratt Institute and an MFA from Syracuse University.  She has appeared in numerous exhibits including three solo exhibits.  She is the recipient of several awards, commissions and grants. Marna was born in Brooklyn and resides in Syracuse, New York.

Walter, through the lens of his 1953 5x7/4x5 inch Deardorff field-style view camera, captures the essence of his interpretive vision.  This companion camera of 22 years, states Walter, “creates the stunning imagery that large format film can provide”.  He further states, ”landscape photography is an exciting and challenging interaction with a dynamic set of variables . . . lighting can change quickly . . . wind most often becomes a visual protagonist . . . shooting large format can be difficult if not impossible to react fast enough to . . . on the other hand I have waited  seemingly hours for the elements to cooperate but to no avail.”

 Continuing “Image capture is only the first step in my process.  The finished image must speak to that certain ’essence’ of spirit in myself.   I subscribe to Ansel Adam’s musical analogy ‘If the negative is the musical score, the print is the performance’."   Perform Walter does.  

States Walter, “we all have a unique way of looking at the world.  I want my images to evoke a feeling of spirit and to convey a sense of nature’s majesty and mystery.”  His large size work, with striking use of color, reflects this achievement.

Walter received an Engineering Science degree from Alfred State with subsequent studies at Alfred in painting and photography.  He is employed as a Digital 3-D Sculptor for Eastman Kodak’s Industrial Design Group. His work has been shown in several exhibits and his work has been published.  He resides in Albion, New York.

The show runs from June 20 through July 15.  The Artists Reception is on Friday, June 22, from, 5 - 8:30. p.m.  The Artist Talk, by Walter Jakubowski, is on Thursday, June 28, at 7 p.m.  Admission is free for the exhibit and the Artist Talk.

Shown also are the works of  the  two guest photographers Steven Seidman and David Wiedemer, three Artists In Residence, and six gallery partners.

Also showing are Salon des RefusÚs images. These represent some of the photography declined by the Finger Lakes Exhibition.

Please join us at the Artists Reception and the Artist Talk.

Ed Vesneske
Executive Director     


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