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Preview of the Show

February 27 - March 22, 2008

Root Fusion

by Steve Root


All images copyright by the individual photographers

Roof-Top Construction
Steve Root

Tool Box
Steve Root

3M@Gateway P&C
Steve Root
Party Lines
Steve Root


Guests Photographers, Partners and Artists-in-Residence

Gil Maker


Gil Maker

Bongo Player
Gil Maker

The Spirit of Renaissance
Max Rempel

Silk and Lichens
Steve Tryon

Flamingo Door
Jim Patton


Spotted Wall
Dan Neuberger

Daniel Crozet

Snow and Ice in
Daniel Crozet


Cool Truck I
Hope Junot


Cabin in the Woods
Phyllis Thompson

Manhattan Square
Sheridan Vincent

Ancient Alley, Taos Pueblo
Betsy Phillips


Wave of Zion
Gary Thompson

Other Worldly Visitor
David Perlman

Kerale Sunset
Jim Patton

Chipped Brick
Michaele Cultrara

Children at Play
Sa Kim Tran


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