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Peter's Picks of the Month

January 28 - February 22, 2009

Peter Marr picked his favorite photos of the show
by the featured and guest photographers, here is how he described his choices:


All images copyright by the individual photographers


This is a memorable exhibition of stunning images, beautifully seen, captured, printed and presented. John Solberg's exquisite black and white and color prints bring out so powerfully his artistic vision of architectural subjects and John’s strong sense of visual design is abundantly evident in his pastoral landscapes. I particularly liked the starkness of the color and bold design in Pillars, contrasting with the equally effective serene grandeur and soft color and lighting in “Arches”. Two other outstanding images I must mention are the regal image and striking design in Banister, together with Fountain Circles, a superb, exemplary image of architectural curves, swirls, and fascinating people. I have chosen, John's  Time and Place to comment further on as well as Tulip Row by Jim Wehtje and Regatta by Sue Alden. 

Peter A. Marr

Time and Space by John Solberg

Time and Space
by John Solberg

The image of the interplay of throngs of humanity in a very busy intersection of life, namely, Grand Central Terminal, has been wonderfully captured in this vibrant image. The perspective of the grandeur, majesty and importance of the terminal, with the hustle and bustle of people, many of whom are oblivious to their unique environment, is simply fascinating. What truly makes this picture so outstanding is how the artist has captured a fascinating slice in time with the use of a slow shutter speed. Here he has caught in sharp detail, individuals and groups clearly focused on the task in hand, whether it be queuing for tickets, reading a map, using a cell phone, talking, waiting etc, all contrasted with a mass of moving blurred people, intent on their chosen tasks. The story telling aspects of this moment in time is priceless, at 8:32 or so on a probably typical day at the terminal. This outstanding print is for us to look at, absorb, conjecture on, and to truly enjoy from one’s own perspective. How superbly this print mirrors life in general, of people doing what they need to do, whether it is in slow motion or at a more rapid rate, of people interacting, of people oblivious to their surroundings, of life standing still, and of life in constant motion. It is an image that is both haunting and realistic, an image for the ages.

Tulip Row by Jim Wehtje 

Tulip Row

By Jim Wehtje

One can certainly marvel at the technical expertise of visualizing nature in an x-Ray light, coupled with digital manipulation, but Jim’s prints transcend scientific technique to show us striking images that are breathtaking to behold. Who could not be entranced by the sheer delicacy and transparent color of tulips dancing, of leaves rustling in the wind, of nature as we have never experienced before. The complementary colors of pinks and greens fit so beautifully in enhancing the sheer joy of nature as it celebrates elegance, radiancy, loveliness, and vibrant life -- life that is a fleeting moment in time, but lives in our eyes and in our minds forever, as we look at and absorb this delightful awe-inspiring vista. Nature is so imbued with human life that one’s eyes should be opened to the beauty of Tulip Row and to its vision of life’s possibilities.

Regatta by Sue Alden

by Sue Alden

What makes this eye-catching print so exceptional is that we know almost immediately that it is the result of a digital assembly, yet we cannot help but love every facet of the picture, from the exhilarating bold, vivid colors to the spirited, ambitious design. Deliberately, the human subconscious is being attacked by psychologically incorrect, brazen, saturated chroma, with telling effect. No defensive and introverted pale hues, no reserve and isolation, no ethereal and transcendental sky. What we see and experience is aggressive and extroverted liveliness together with dynamic movement and energy, all of which add luster and tension to the competing sailboats in this Regatta. What makes this image such a standout besides the outstanding color palette is the strong graphic design, which is a great tribute to the artistic talents of the author, to give us such a powerful and dramatic print. Great vision, talent and technique.

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