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Peter's Picks of the Month

David Perlman    &    Gil Maker

Full Circle
in the East Gallery
Daniel P. Crozet

April 22 - May 17, 2009

Peter Marr picked his favorite photos of the show
by the featured and guest photographers and also describes the strength of the images he has chosen.


All images copyright by the individual photographers

Garden Apartment by David Perlman

Garden Apartment

by David Perlman


As an outstanding academician, with a lifetime love of art and its creation, David has used his artistic, engineering and scientific talents to produce outstanding photographs in a variety of media experiences. Here, as exemplified by the title to his exhibition, he shows us his great sense of humor, his playfulness, his tongue in the cheek photographic display, which is so unusual, yet so refreshing in an outstanding photographer like his is. Make no mistake, behind this “poking fun” at the august photographic image is a very innovative master of many media, especially that of the digital and computer genre. Although David has tickled us with many of his prints in this show, he has cleverly added a few pieces that are outside of the fun category as evidenced by two superb portraits (“Jamie” and “Scottish Woman”) and some very large excellent architectural studies of NYC taken from Brooklyn Hts. Among my favorite images in the fun and thought-provoking category, are the three-dimensional assemblies of the antique bicycle additions to “City Bicycle” and “A Ride in the Country”, the clever addition of the tap to the “Croton Spillway”, and of course the eye-catching image “In praise of Wegman’s premium cat food”. There are of course other “augmentation” images, all cleverly done, all for the viewer to both marvel at and have fun with, just as David has done. With such a large variety of superb and imaginative images and 3-dimensional representations, it was just not possible for me to comment on just one image as I usually do. If I were to mention just one fascinating image (and I am, of course) that is both intriguingly beautiful and memorable, it would be “Garden Apartment”, the fun-folded digital print. The peony bloom and the slice of the apartment building blend beautifully together as ones eyes move around the assembly, both in color and form, but what is equally remarkable, is that these two separate subjects were prior sliced and constructed in the computer. This whole exhibition is a great tribute to David’s consummate skills as a photographer, as an engineer, and as an innovator, whose artistic talents have given us a truly awesome show, one to both laugh and marvel at.

Venetian Clouds by Gil Maker


Venetian Clouds

By Gil Maker


Gil’s fascinating exhibition of SCAPES are original images frozen in time at the moment of exposure, which are then artistically manipulated later, to reflect an inner vision of what he saw, personalizing each scene with his perception of each unique moment. I have chosen “Venetian Clouds” to comment on, because it presents a timeless image, varying very little over centuries, except for changes in architectural facades, yet it is a scene that could change drastically, even in this century. The author has cleverly used high contrast and stark colors to add a clear sense of foreboding, as the storm clouds gather, and the dark ribbon of water menacingly laps at the ancient structures. This is not the Venice of open plazas, of exquisite church architecture, of delicate arches and bridges, or even of romantic visions of gondoliers and grand opera, but it may as well be. Gil’s fascinating interpretation of this Venetian scene, calls immediate attention to the plight of the city from the relentless march of the sea, and leaves one to reflect on many years of discontent, disorder, and resulting ineptitude for action in a responsible and timely manner. His perception and manipulation of the original image reflects all of our concerns regarding the serious, immediate problems facing this unique city. Storm clouds that have been enhanced in the processing to be a menacing as they are shown, have been clearly seen and often ignored in many world theaters, especially in the last one hundred years. Let us hope that Gil’s powerful interpretation of a lovely iconic landscape facing impending disaster, does not foretell what really may happen. For once, we hope that the photographer’s vision may be saved by appropriate and timely action.


#502 Break by Daniel P. Crozet

#502 Break
by Daniel P. Crozet


We indeed have come “Full Circle” with Daniel’s excellent exhibition of photo-realism prints, in which he has very successfully combined the artistry, definition and realism of the photographic media, with the creativeness, expressive style and brushstrokes of the painter, all beautifully presented on canvas. If you closely examine the prints in the East Gallery, it would be easy to conclude that they are oil paintings, but step back from them and you could certainly believe that you were looking at photographs. It is a great tribute to Daniel that his artistic vision both as a photographer and a “media technician” has resulted in outstanding images that can stand alone as either photographs or paintings. Photo-realism I think works exceptionally in the portraiture genre, none better than in “#502 Break”. This is truly an outstanding photographic portrait of a spontaneous decisive moment, that on viewing close-up you would have no doubt that it was the work of a great modern artist, who has put on canvas an oil-painting of considerable merit. Whether one wants to believe that the subject was painted or photographed is not important, for the portrait stands by itself as a telling, dramatically-strong image that is superb in either of these two media. The fascinating pose, the strength of the hands and arms, the penetrating gaze of the subject, the casual clothing and dreadlocks, the strong thrust of the corner table, all combine to show us a revealing image of power and menace, but also of warmth, strength and deep feeling. This is a truly outstanding portrait, that photo-realism helps lift the image from the excellent into the truly exceptional category. Beautiful work, Daniel.


Round Pond by John H. Bailey


Round Pond
by John H. Bailey


John’s beautiful panel of prints enlighten us by showing how one can transport a seemingly unnotable landscape or scene, into something magical, by using nature’s extraordinary palette of atmospheric effects. These “effects”, whether they be mist, fog, snow or early morning light, just to name a few, are in almost all cases, transient, precious moments in time, which John has used most admirably in his lovely images. In “Round Pond”, a small sliver of undistinguished shoreline becomes an exquisite backdrop to an entrancing moment of nature, due to the presence of an early morning mist. We experience a softness and delicacy, of peace and of solitude, in which the ordinarily stark dead trees are quieted by their soft reflections in the rippleless water. As the rich warm colors of the shoreline’s small trees and grasses fade into the ghost-like receding horizon, you are gently brought back into the scene by the presence of a Canada Goose, motionless, on the surface of the pond. Although we know that we are looking at a fleeting moment in nature’s ever-changing wonderland, and we also realize that shortly, the sun and wind will destroy this enigmatic scene, we at least have this majestical image to look at, and admire for all time. Thank you John, for giving us this serene and lovely print, which has captured a magical moment for all of us to enjoy.

Break Time by Ronald L. Cronk II 


Break Time
by Ronald L. Cronk II


In his own words, Ron loves “the beautiful and whimsical side of nature”, and his enchanting image of a frog as seen in “Break Time” certainly exemplifies this statement. In its own right though, this picture is also a superb nature shot, brilliantly seen and photographed. The powerful thrust of the frog’s head above the water is truly dramatic. The image is further enhanced by the striking green color of the amphibian’s head against the pale pastel coloration of the water. The frog’s black bulging eyes, outlined with a thin yellow line, and the distinctive spots on the skin surface all contribute to enlighten this dramatic image. What really makes this picture so outstanding is what we also see under the surface of the calm water. This water is translucent enough so that we can clearly see most of the frog’s body, especially the legs, which are spread out so that the strong, long, webbed hind feet are clearly visible. It is as though the frog is posing for a portrait, and the photographer has truly caught the decisive moment. Underwater, the amphibian’s body is seen in a delicate pastel color, with impressive spots and markings on the skin surface, all of which add to the photogenic qualities of the picture when coupled with the dark green head above the water. The artistry of the image is further enhanced by the collection of dead grasses and reeds on the water’s surface at the right hand side, showing us part of the natural habitat. One can certainly envisage a ghostly, powerful shape, spread out for view to all above, coupled with a dynamic brightly colored head that would put fear into any passing flying insect who would have the courage to investigate further. This is certainly a great nature shot of a beautiful creature whose numbers are unfortunately rapidly declining due to global fungal diseases.


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