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Gallery Picks of the Show

Altered States
Betsy Phillips


All images copyright by the individual photographers


Zebra Car by Betsy Phillips

Cartalk Series
Betsy Phillips

Betsy Phillips creative image Zebracar is a good example of capturing a vision that most people would not even see.  The few people who might see this wonderful play of water droplets and curved lines on a car in the rain might enjoy the sight but would most likely resume their normal activities feeling that it would be too difficult and physically uncomfortable to pursue photographing the image in the rain. Betsy’s persistence in working her vision is a tribute to her dedication and determination.

The contrast between the hundreds of rain droplets and the many curved parallel lines reflected on the car exterior communicate a beautiful texture and definite feeling of wetness.  The slightly diagonal axis of the image and the balance of its components combine well to produce a very pleasant composition. The dark curved vertical line blends with the zebra patterns and nicely separates the black and white components from the colored portions of the image. The title of Zebracar works perfectly for this outstanding impressionistic abstract photograph.

Gary Thompson



Lines by Simon Faber


Simon Faber

Among the many aesthetically provocative and technically excellent images by Simon Faber, the one that had the greatest impact on me was the black-and-white image, LINES. It is very well crafted, with many lovely triangles, good manipulation of black-on-white and white-on-black, and excellent composition. I am sure that most people have seen utility poles with a profusion of wires, and walked right past them, without ever thinking of photographing them. I would place this image in the category of MAGIC OF THE COMMONPLACE. Photography has done a lot for me, but probably the most important is that it has made me more aware of the world around me.....I see more than most non-photographers, and thus enjoy the world more. Looks as if Simon does also.

Dan Neuberger

Geometry of Play by Tom McGlynn

Geometry of Play

Tom McGlynn

 I have seen a number of excellent images of the Museum of Play's colorful cubes, some of the first ones being in an exhibit at Image City by Bruce Elling. Tom's GEOMETRY OF PLAY is also one of my favorites. Aside from being joyous with a splash of brilliant colors, it is enhanced by the imaginative idea of shooting through a sculpture. The contrast between the ellipsoidal opening in the sculpture and the highly rectangular cubes, is appealing. The reflection of one of the colorful cubes in another cube also works very well. There is a wonderful quotation from a French photographer, "Avec la photographie, c'est le regard.....on l'a, ou on ne l'a pas" (In photography, it is the vision...one has it, or one doesn't). Tom certainly has it.

Dan Neuberger




All That Jazz by David Perlman

All that Jazz
 David Perlman

David Perlman’s photographic collage titled, All that Jazz, communicates a warm nostalgic feeling to everyone who has ever had the experience of playing a musical instrument.  The trio of a ukulele, a banjo, and a guitar provides down to earth grass root feelings characteristic of American folk music.  His use of warm colors and a horizontal composition further promotes a relaxed and pleasant feeling.  Even the warm brown color of the wooden frame enhances these harmonious feelings.

David has fun while producing his images and, as he often does, creates mystery and humor by adding and combining additional images to his basic photograph. The addition of the two treble clefs gives an impression of depth to the print.  The large bright red treble clef jumps forward in the image and the smaller black one recedes.  In post processing he introduces some wonderful, perhaps sensuous, arch like curves that further compliment the emotions that he has communicated so well.

Gary Thompson

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