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If you are unable to visit our gallery and would like to purchase photographs from this preview or others in the gallery, please contact the gallery and call 585-271-2540.


Preview of the Show

Peter's Picks 2011
a Retrospective of Gallery and Peter Marr Picks from 2011 Exhibits

February 20 -  March 17, 2013

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

A Selection of Photographs from the exhibit

Summer Rain by Jeff Blackwell
Summer Rain
Jeff Blackwell
Climate Change by JFK/AJVK
Climate Change
Foreshadow by Tim Fuss
Tim Fuss 
Early Birds on Hemlock Lake by Ron Kenny
Early Birds at Hemlock Lake
Ron Kenney
Its OK, I'm Here by Loni Titus
It's OK, I'm Here
Loni Titus
New Aquaduct by Jeno Horvath
New Aquaduct
Jeno Horvath
Spring Light by Susanne Roth
Spring Light
Susanne Roth
Chay - My Healing Journey by Justyn Sweany Wolf
Chay - My Healing Journey
Justyn Sweany Wolf
Balconies by D. G. Adams
D. G. Adams
Unity by Stan Hattman
Stan Hattman, Camera Rochester
BMW Motorcycle-Munich-Susan Kaye
BMW Motorcycle, Munich
Susan Kaye
Elements by Dan Neuberger
Santorini Planes
Dan Neuberger
China 1222 by Christine Heusner
China 1222
Christine Heusner
Prevailing winds at Bodega Bay by Carl Crumley
Prevailing Wind at Bodega Bay
Carl Crumley
Maine Barn at Low Tide by Michelle Turner
Maine Barn at Low Tide
Michelle Turner, Camera Rochester
Want Some? by Lynda Howland
Want Some?
Lynda Howland, Camera Rochester
Kaleidoscope by Phyllis Thompson
Phyllis Thompson
Silhouette at Mesa Arch by Gary Thompson
Silhouette at Mesa Arch
Gary Thompson
 The Opportunist by Joyce Pearson
The Opportunist
Joyce Pearson, Camera Rochester
Seneca Park Pond by Sheridan Vincent
Seneca Park Pond
Sheridan Vincent


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