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Peter's Picks
Picks of the Show

Shapes, Light, & Color....             
         an ode to architechture

 Peter Marr and Gallery partners have made a selection of their favorites
from the Featured and Guest Photographers in the exhibit.

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All images copyright by the individual photographers


Peter Marr's Picks

Shapes, Light, & Color #4 by Dan Neuberger


Shapes, Light, & Color #4
by Dan Neuberger

This scintillating exhibition is an awesome tribute to the artistic vision, versatility and breathtaking talents of Dan. I am proud to say with absolute sincerity, that he is the most gifted and creative photographer that I have ever known. Dan has the tenacity and strength to let go of certainties and explore new concepts with amazing success.  The 7 pieces that are expressively titled Shapes, Light, and Color form a dazzling display of futuristic designs and electrifying colors, that have uplifting impact and radiance, both individually, and as a combined group. I chose #4 to comment further on, because not only is it my favorite image, it is the one that I wanted to explore in greater depth beyond the initial impact. The range of vibrant, saturated hues are extraordinary, with seemingly every color of the rainbow represented, and together with the authoritative linear design features, the end result is a truly stellar image. The techniques used to create the latter, are a great tribute to the author’s masterly expertise and creativeness. Dan wants to pull us into a more intimate relationship with our thoughts and feelings, so it is pertinent to ask the viewer what the photograph emotionally says or offers. For myself, I am very much aware that I am in a Tanning Booth, completely relaxed and at one with the world and my surroundings, allowing my subconscious to dictate all of my thoughts and feelings. Under the warmth of the UV radiation, and in the confined space of vertical and linear elements, there is an overwhelming impression of brilliant, joyously varied colors, devoid of blacks and whites. One experiences an almost psychedelic enthusiasm, with no human intrusion or encounter. The overall intense awareness is of trying to savor every precious moment, whilst being aware that there is a finite time limit, controlled by someone turning the lights off, and a voice telling me that my time was up. An out of this world experience that I will never forget


Peter A. Marr

Santorini Planes by Dan Neuberger 


Santorini Planes
by Dan Neuberger

Visiting the magical islands of Greece, one is captivated by the blaze of saturated hues, set against the pure white buildings and an ever-present brilliant blue sky, and where the sun impressively details breathtaking scenic splendors. Many of Dan’s outstanding prints in this exhibition are in full color, but many are in black and white, a media he has used artistically, to fully reveal the architectural beauty of Santorini to its fullest. Confucius so eloquently stated that “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it,” but in his wonderful achromatic print, SANTORINI PLANES, Dan has given us a creative, stellar image, that every viewer cannot fail to be entranced and captivated by. The elimination of color gives a stronger sense of light and shadow, and the tonal contrasts emphasize the shapes dramatically. The gray scale gradations are superb, wonderfully illustrating the architectural beauty of shape and form, taking Ansel Adam’s zone system to the ultimate stage of perfection. The bold, dynamic design elements from the purest white to the darkest black, all contribute to an electrifying, almost abstract image, that is very powerful and endearingly beautiful. I say almost abstract, because it is not too difficult to imagine that the white element in the left center could easily represent some animal form. Tantalizingly, there is also a step, albeit stairless, and a vertical rise that leads up to this figure. The presence of a non-linear design, especially as it has the highest luminance level may trouble some viewers, especially those with digital removal expertise. I am glad that the author did not attempt to follow this path. The end result is a dramatic, compelling print, where the fusion of eye catching gray scales has been exquisitely captured, to reveal a architectural masterpiece of incomparable majesty and power.

Peter A. Marr

Cigarette, Patagonia by Steve Levinson 

Cigarette, Patagonia
by Steve Levinson 

Whether it is a photograph of a Rhea superbly captured against the high pampas grasses, or a portrait of a Patagonian man, Steve eloquently shows us his expansive diversity of subject matter, offering us two memorable prints from his exciting and outstanding exhibition. Cigarette is an inspiring and intimate character study of a dignified gentleman, who is proud of his heritage, his lifestyle, his accomplishments in life, one who exudes confidence for the future for himself, his family and for his country. The impressive wide-brimmed hat deflects the overhead sun, resulting in the man being illuminated just with soft lighting that is gorgeous, with just enough directionality to fully emphasize his wonderfully expressive facial features, with every line and wrinkle detailed to perfection. The thoughtful eyes have an amusing twinkle, that suggests that although he has had a tough hard working life, he has risen deservedly up to a position of some prominence in the community. He is aware that others look up to him for leadership, one who could be a reliable source for advice and information. The color palette is very good, and I love the way that the red tie is casually knotted and worn loosely around the neck, highlighting the wide open shirt collar. The Patagonian gentleman’s neatly trimmed moustache is further evidence that he is very particular regarding his appearance, in spite of the fact that he is smoking a cigarette. I would surmise that he has embraced smoking for most of his adult life, a habit that is probably a way of life for his family and the community. I am particularly struck by his close rapport with Steve. He was obviously delighted to be photographed, and Steve did an amazing job, resulting in a masterly portrait that every viewer should be totally impressed by, including the subject himself, I only hope that he gets the chance to receive a copy of this fascinating image.
Peter A. Marr

Claws, Patagonia by Steve Levinson

Claws, Patagonia
by Steve Levinson

I have always been extremely impressed by the excellent prints that Steve has exhibited every month at the Image Gallery, and I have been especially amazed at his extraordinary versatility and the imposing variety of subject matter that he has photographed. As further proof of his creative talents and artistic vision, his images from a recent visit to Patagonia are really outstanding. Of the stellar prints incorporating huge ice floes, I was particularly inspired by Claws, in which the huge ice formations superbly show the environmental ravages of particularly the sea and the wind, which together with severe temperature fluctuations, give rise to a dynamic structural pattern, in a lovely picturesque setting. The dramatic high cliffs which have green foliage clinging to the surface, form a towering, colorful backdrop to the ice floes, the latter appearing to rear up in compelling fashion, as though taunting the elements to do their worst, for they appear to be ready for anything that could be used against them. The photograph was taken on a fairly calm day for this remote area of South America, so the viewer has the opportunity to study and admire the transient beauty at the site of one of nature’s memorable and relentless clashes. One is very aware of the combined forces of the sun, wind and sea, relentlessly battering the huge ice structure. In doing so, these elements have succeeded in carving out unique formations in the latter, giving rise to uplifting creations that any sculptor would be proud of. Although the Claws title is very appropriate, I would suggest that one might also be looking at a group of huge sea animals, with their jaws wide open to entrap everything that comes their way. In reality, the mouths of these creatures, like the ice floes themselves, are reacting in unison in defiance of nature’s unrelenting attacks. This is a really powerful and aesthetic image, one of majestic strength and uplifting inspiration.



Peter A. Marr

Additional Gallery Picks
Chinese Fishing Nets by Joel Krenis


Chinese Fishing Nets
by Joel Krenis

Joel's photograph of fishing nets in India mirror the shape of the boats on which they are used. This photo shows gesture or movement, directing the eye in a dramatic manner. Minimal use of color does not distract from the strong graphic composition. The white sky allows the viewer to focus on the nets and visually explore the intricate details. Photographing from another location probably would have made for a lesser photograph. Finding beauty is such a commonplace thing as a set of fishing nets exhibits the excellent eye of the photographer.

Chase Tower by Paul Zachman

Chase Tower
by Paul Zachman

Making something familiar, that we may pass every day, into a strong visual image is a wonderful direction in creating a fine art photograph and is wonderfully illustrated by Chase Tower. The perspective of the iconic Chase building from a position that most people purposely never go to makes this photograph a powerful graphic image. Paul's black and white technique dramatically contributes to the composition. Reducing the photograph to a black and white image with minimal grays is a very creative approach, which he uses to his advantage in his photographs. His eight photographs exhibited in this show work very well together, exhibiting a constancy of direction and technique applied to all local locations in Rochester.



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