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Peter's and Gallery Picks of the Show

Rochester Delights

Peter Marr picked his favorite photos of the show from the Portfolios
and also describes the strength of the images he has chosen. Additionally
we have made three additional selections for Gallery Picks of the Show.


All images copyright by the individual photographers

Beech-Linwood Gardens by Sheridan Vincent

Beech – Linwood Gardens

by Sheridan Vincent


Foreward:   With absolute sincerity I want to state that this breathtaking visionary exhibition is a tour de force of spectacular images that are a remarkable tribute to the exceptional talents and consummate artistry of Sheridan. Rochester and its environs have never been captured so inspiringly and displayed so imposingly. It is very noteworthy that over many years, Sheridan has perfected every facet of the photographic experience, from visualization, planning and image capture, right through to the mounted, finished print. I want to make special reference to the latter, because many of his resplendent images are displayed as “AluminArte Metal Prints,” resulting in prints of astonishing clarity and brilliance.


Trees are one of the symbols of the grandeur and nobility of nature, so choosing between the two striking images of the Katsura and the Beech to comment further on was very difficult. With the fact that the former is featured on the cards used to advertise this exhibition, I decided to write about the Beech at Linwood Gardens. In a pristine setting, the observer can witness in reverence and amazement, why this weeping species exudes both a sense of splendor and strength. The wide panoramic view allows the observer to stand back and visualize the tree and its elaborate canopy, in a way that would not be possible if they were there in person. Placed centrally in the print, the massive trunk of the beech tree quickly splits into two parts, before they both rise effortlessly toward the unseen sky above, supported below by a relatively small external root system. In a circular canopy around the trunk, there is an intricate series of tree limbs that gracefully cascade to the ground below, whilst supporting a profusion of leaves and sub-branches. The direct lighting, softened somewhat by the overhanging branches and leaves, highlights the tree and its surroundings, resulting in impressively sharp detail and a gorgeous array of colors that further enhances this outstanding image. I would be remiss if I did not include the fact that the ground under the canopy of the tree spectacularly supports the total image experience. In the foreground, the colorful matted grasses blend beautifully with the greens and yellows of the leaves that artistically descend from the tree-limbs, whilst in the background, the fallen leaves cast a warm reddish glow, a reminder of a winter past, and highlighting the spring that has now graciously replaced it. This memorable print is a “Tree for all seasons,” artistically captured and presented by Sheridan for everyone to marvel at an enjoy.


Peter A. Marr



Summer Solstice 2010 by Sheridan Vincent



Solstice Sunset 2010

by Sheridan Vincent


Sweeping panoramic vistas date back to cave paintings of prehistoric animal hunts, and include ancient Chinese scroll paintings and medieval tapestries of famous battles, just to name a few. Such strong visual statements are echoed in Sheridan’s superb panoramic prints, exemplified by his image of the setting sun over Braddock Bay. Such meaningful photography expands our vision, thoughts, and our personal horizons, evoking amazement and reverence as one awakens to the remarkable world around us. Photographically and artistically, this delightful scene has been incomparably captured, resulting in a print that has a magical aura that is exquisite. I particularly love the way that the delectable puffy cloud formations with their mirrored reflections in the lake, form an enchanting curved envelope that highlights the detail and linear beauty of the docks and anchored boats against a tree-lined horizon. Framed against the warmth of a colorful setting sun, is a foreground of immense charm and commanding power, in which two trees in particular help frame this unique and picturesque view of Braddock’s Bay. The more massive tree at the far left, elegantly leans away, allowing its delicate upper foliage to curve across and downward, artistically filling the top corner, whilst supporting the delicate green foliage at the bottom left hand side. As if nature had planned it, the other tree, no less magnificent, uses its extended root system to artfully snake across the foreground to complete the framework of this scenic masterpiece. These creative tree roots have used every inch of their precarious perch on the extreme lake edge to enhance their foothold, twisting and curving in dramatic fashion, in direct contrast to the unbowed landscape beyond. As a final gesture to the setting sun and to the idyllic serenity of the scene, there is a delightful array of tall reeds bending in the gentle breeze, epitomizing the quietness and beauty, evoking a sacredness that the environment is still alive.

Peter A. Marr

Reflections by Michael Carney



by Michael Carney



This is a truly delightful and inspirational image, that is made all the more uplifting by being captured and printed in Black and White rather than in color. There is an aura of timelessness as one explores a world of peace and serenity. The early morning setting is made all the more magical by the mist rising gracefully over the tranquil lake, partially shrouding the trees and distant landscape before vaporizing into the cloudless sky. The crowning glory of this quiescent vista, is that the mirror-like lake is rippleless, resulting in lovely reflections, that gives this print a charming and 3-dimensional appeal that is just priceless. The stand of tall trees at the far right contributes a powerful vertical element as the viewer’s eyes sweep across the placid lake, following the line of the mist as it rises into the sky, pausing on the way to visualize the boat dock assembly. The latter, which appears to float in space, creates an authoritative, geometric foreground, set boldly against the sublime background. The subtle tonal variations throughout the image have been creatively controlled in the exposure and printing stages, allowing the observer to fully appreciate every element that is present in this stellar print.  As evidenced by the upturned boat and “No Diving” sign, this is certainly the time of day to admire nature’s awe-inspiring beauty, in an atmosphere that is filled with quiet emotion.

 Peter A. Marr


We are very grateful to Peter for his thorough review and selection for Peter's Picks. Peter was born in England in 1935 and came to live in the United States in 1968. He worked for the Eastman Kodak Company for 34 years, retiring in 1998. During his employment and continuing into retirement, he has been an enthusiastic photographer. His photography has won him numerous awards throughout Kodak and in International Salons, including 5 George Eastman Medals, which is the top honor awarded to the most outstanding picture in the Annual Kodak International Salon. He has served as a judge in both local and international photographic competitions for the past 20 years, and is a Past president of the Kodak Camera Club and past chairman of many of the Kodak Camera Club organizations. In the past five years or so, he has devoted his photographic skills and interest into nature photography, notably bird photography. His bird photography has been the subject of several one-person exhibits, the most recent being at Ding Darling NWR, in Sanibel, Florida, The Roger Tory Peterson Institute in Jamestown, New York, and at the Webster Public Library in Webster, NY.



Additional Gallery Picks of the Show

The Glen by Chip Evra


The Glen
by Chip Evra

In his artist statement Chip talks about capturing the moment. His underwater photographs display a world of color and sometimes whimsy. The image The Glen is a slight departure from the rest of the photographs, showing a phantasmagorical landscape of waterfalls, wet rocks and foliage. It seems to portray a world that only exists in a fairytale; however we know that this is an image of something in the real world. The viewer’s eyes are drawn from the top of the photograph to the bottom by the series of multiple waterfalls descending down into the pond at the bottom of the photograph. This composition by Chip underscores the strong control that Chip uses in making his photographs. The strong greens of the foliage contrast dramatically with the wet rocks and flowing water.  Many of us have images that we can call to mind to allow us to escape from the real world (for example when sitting in a dentist’s chair) and this photograph is a great example of such an image.  This would be a great photograph to have available to look at when one wishes to take a short “mental vacation” from the daily routine!


Two But Only One
by Robert Jeanette

Photographs that require you think while you are looking at them are among the most powerful images we show at the gallery. The meaning of this image is certainly not clear upon initial observation and after looking at it for a while it still leaves the viewer not quite sure of its meaning. The reduced saturation of this image contributes to the focus of one’s eyes on the juxtaposition of the two individuals touching hands; or they are reflection or are they two separate people?  Why are these two figures standing in a relatively empty space in a very modern building? One could go on listing the many questions that this photograph evokes in the viewer. Not only is this image a challenge to understand but in addition Robert has created a strong graphical composition in which the eye moves from one figure to the other via other outstretched arms. Keeping these two individuals in the shadows adds to the mystery of this photograph.

Midnight Cowboy-NYC by Tom McGlynn

Midnight Cowboy
by Tom McGlynn

To anyone who’s seen the classic movie midnight cowboy this image stirs strong memories of a film that was very different in its day and still today. One can still remember John Voight and Dustin Hoffman as walking through New York City with the classic song “Everyone’s talkin’” by Nilsson playing in the background. The almost fantasy world of the store window photographed in high key contrasts dramatically with the two figures in the foreground who are in shadows. This photograph is one of several in this month’s exhibit which inspire the viewer to ponder its subject. Technically Tom has captured both the details in the shadows of the two figures in the foreground as well as maintaining detail in the window display. The contrast of dark and light underscore the differences between the worlds of reality and the make-believe world of fashion. There appears to be in interplay between the manikins in the window and the individuals watching them even though we know that this can only be a one-way interaction in reality.


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