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Preview of the Show

Dan Neuberger:
rule breaker, fun maker

1929 - 2017

May 16 - June 11, 2017

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

A Selection of Photographs from the exhibit

City Canyon by Dan Neuberger
City Canyon
Dan Neuberger

Angles and Planes by Dan Neuberger
Angles and Planes
Dan Neuberger

Ada on Pointe by Dan Neuberger
Ada on Pointe
Dan Neuberger
Homage #1 by Dan Neuberger
Homage to Calder
Dan Neuberger

Shapes Light and Color by Dan Neuberger
Shapes, Light, and Color
Dan Neuberger

Barn and Fences by Dan Neuberger
Horses Go Home
Dan Neuberger

Torres at Sunrise
Torres at Sunrise
Emily Berkson
by Steve Tryon
Troll Hollow
Steve Tryon

by Julie Oldfield
Julie Oldfield
By Don Tilton
Light Snack
Don Tilton

Tree Flower by Carl Crumley
Tree Flower
Carl Crumley

Locked in Fog by Joan Weetman
Locked in Fog
Joan Weetman, Camera Rochester

Love is Sacrifice by Don Menges
Love is Sacrifice
Don Menges

Hemlock Lake by Sheridan Vincent
Hemlock Lake
Sheridan Vincent

by Betsy Phillips
Urban Graphic II
Betsy Phillips

Regansburg by Tony Solpietro
Tony Solpietro, Camera Rochester
Powerful by Steve Levinson
Steve Levinson


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