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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Lion Pairs at Sunrise by Gary Paige

Lion Pair at Sunrise, Kenya
by Gary Paige

Participating in a photo-safari is a very exciting event…seeing many animals in their natural habitat.  Making photographs of these animals that are both artistic and evocative is a challenging task.  It is often too easy to just focus on recording the subject without considering novel ways to photograph it.

 This photography shows a simple but very romantic view of the lion pair against the wonderful orange-red color of early morning.  The animals are peaceful, almost romantic—rather than showing the animals in their natural predator state with other animals.

 Showing the animal is silhouette really makes this photography sing.  The strong composition of the lions balancing the rising sun is clearly the result of waiting for the right moment to trigger the shutter.

The clouds partly shield the brightness of the sun and give structure to the sky and the sun…making it a strong visual component of the photograph.

This is a photograph that goes way beyond a simple “snapshot” of two beautiful animals.

Moments of Clarity by Joelle Rose


Moments of Clarity
By Joelle Rose

Using a medium format film camera Joelle makes photographs of places that are in many cases hidden from the everyday view of people.  Both going down into subterranean places, abandoned buildings and on top of bridges she captures the energy of these different places.

 Moments of Clarity is an amazing photograph. The vantage point is atop the Queensborough Bridge in New York City.  A daring place to be standing; made even more challenging in that she is manipulating a medium format film camera!

This vantage point allowed Joelle to produce an exceptional picture of the nighttime cityscape.  The curving cables leads the viewer’s eye to the other side of the East River and into the magical nightlights of the city.  The reflections in the river counterbalance the view  

Her vantage point view a different view of the city coupled with seeing the intricate structure of the bridge revealed by the dramatic lighting…creating the sense of a magical sky-way. 


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