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Partners' Picks of the Show


  by Gil Maker

Gallery Partners have chosen their "Picks of the Show"

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Partners' Picks of Featured and Guest Photographers
Blue Runner by Tom Kredo

Blue Runner
by Tom Kredo

Tom has captured the spirit of a visit he took along the Erie Canal in the photograph Blue Runner.  Canals have always provided a wonderful place for runners. Morning or evening we can find runners enjoying the peacefulness of nature and the canal.  This is true for Rochester as well as the rest of the world. 

This photograph captures this common occurrence in beautiful and uncommon way.  The brilliant orange of the autumnal (or could it be dusk or dawn) trees are cloud like, glowing like fire against the black background. The solitary runner  wears a blue tee shirt, a strong counterpoint to the other colors and shapes of the scene. Your eye is drawn to the runner's colorful outfit, and you almost move along the canal in tandem with his jogging.   

The colors of the background works well together, the stone face of the canal balanced against the varied colors of the leaves. Truly, this is a wonderful example of "painting with light".


Love the Tower by Gil Maker


Love the Tower
Gil Maker

There are several things that initially draw our attention to a photograph. Once we’re “captured” we will spend time trying to decipher the photographer’s intent.  Often, the over-all impact – the “wow factor,” that captures us. Sometimes it’s the quality of the light that pulls us in. Many times, and because we’re human, we notice other people and we can’t help ourselves trying to understand what they are doing, where they are going, or what they are thinking about.  The Eiffel Tower is a large iconic shape in this image, yet the woman in the fore-ground out-weighs our attention. SHE is the subject and the Tower is a supporting element.  The third major component of this photograph is the sky above the woman.  The tonalities across the image are complimentary and pleasing to the eye, but most importantly the tonality in the sky has a wonderful texture to it so it carries weight. These three “pieces” hold my eye and keep me moving through the image. Other thoughts; the geometry of the blocks in front connect with the geometry in the Tower; the Tower forms a frame for the path on the ground that leads us to the city in the far distance; the people in the middle hold all the pieces together.  Overall, a photograph that draws you in and keeps you there as you try to figure out to whom she is gesturing.

Holocaust Memorial by Gil Maker


Holocaust Memorial
by Gil Maker

This is one of the very excellent series of Photographs that Gil presents as part of his one-man show....impressions of Paris. Paris is one of the most photographed cities in the world, deservedly so. Henri Cartier-Bresson created many great photographs walking through the streets of Paris and Gil has channeled his legacy in his photograph titled Holocaust Memorial. This is a photograph that could have been made by Cartier-Bresson had be been alive today!  It has the combination of abstract and reality presented in a beautiful way.

He uses a strong pallet of black, white and greys to provide a striking composition, very graphical in approach. The Figure a the bottom of the photograph leads the viewer's eyes into the structure. with strong graphic borders to the walkway...confining the viewer to enter and go through the space.  The walls have a dappled texture while the walk is made up of square tiles, providing a beautiful composition of textures.

A single woman stands almost out side of the scene, taking  a  photograph. We look to see what she is photographing, and this starts the journey of our eyes into the scene. After viewing the photograph, one notices that this is from the Holocaust Memorial in Paris....which brings another layer of  meaning to how one interprets this work.  Especially after the tragedy of Pittsburgh of recent days, one cannot forget what happened in the past and unfortunately what is still going on today.

Gallery Gawking - Amsterdam by Tom McGlynn


Gallery Gawking #2

Tom McGlynn


Tom’s strong collection of photographs captures people picture taking (with a phone, of course) to riding a bicycle through the city street.  And there are three photographs of people “Gallery Gawking” as Tom has named them.   This image (#2) is remarkable.  It can seem like we’re looking over this man’s shoulder as he views the Rembrandt painting “Syndics of the Draper’s Guild.”  He seems to be thoughtful, arms crossed in front, weight slightly shifted to his left leg.   Even as we look over his shoulder, all of the visible characters in the painting seem to be looking at him as well.  The scene draws us in — we are a part of these moments.


How does this happen?  Beyond the simple high quality of the image itself, there are a few additional elements that draw us in.  The frame of the painting fits perfectly into the black mat of the photograph, the bright lines in the frame echoed in the white edge of the mat.   The light on the man’s head draws our attention directly there, and with only a slight shifting of the eyes, we can see each face and their eyes draw us back to the man.  Suddenly, we’re in the gallery with him. 


The characters in the painting are officials that assess the quality of cloth, and as they look and touch the cloth before them, they look at the visitor who has arrived a few centuries later, ready to offer their assessment. 


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