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Preview of the Show


Gil Maker
Don Menges
Luann Pero
John Solberg

January 22 - February 17, 2019

with David Perlman and Jim Patton
in the Neuberger Gallery

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Tree 1
Tree 1
Gil Maker

Number 3 by John Solberg
Rose Garden
John Solberg

Whispering Leaves by Luann Pero
Whispering Leaves
Luann Pero
Durand by Don Menges
Don Mangus

Snow on Jackson Road Farm
Snow on Jackson Road Farm
David Somers
Worth the Climb by Sandi Alexander Tuttle
Worth the Climb
Sandi Alexander Tuttle

Crumley - Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Carl Crumley
Dillon by Joann K. Long
Joann K. Long
Camera Rochester

Colors of the Morning by Scott Hooker
Colors of the Morning
Scott Hooker

Startlight of DUMBO by Edgar Ballestas
Starlight of DUMBO
Edgar Ballestas

Pilgrim - Tibet by Steve Levinson
Pilgrim, Tibet
Steve Levinson

Waving at the Clouds by Marie Costanza
Waving At the Clouds
Marie Costanza
Camera Rochester
Golden Tulip by Ron Mitchell
Golden Tulip
Ron Mitchell
Camera Rochester
Solstice Shadows by Sheridan Vincent
Solstice Shadows
Sheridan Vincent

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