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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Partners' Picks of Featured and Guest Photographers
Ubehebe Dawn by Dave Braitsch


Ubehebe Dawn Death Valley
by Dave Braitsch

 Dave has presented us with several wonderful sunrise/sunset images and, as he said, often you get caught up in the beauty of mother nature that you forget that you’re actually making images.  Most of Dave’s work involves long exposures and to do that you need the right atmospheric conditions, special equipment, and a lot of patience. Ubehebe Dawn is one of Dave’s best images employing this technique, but let’s look at this photograph forgetting the technical part for a bit.  It’s a striking photo taken just as the sun is rising and the night sky is struggling to maintain its astral beauty in the darkness.  The clouds hug the horizon and act to accentuate land from sky. The crator is brilliantly lit by the early sun. The land between the crator and the sky is dark, but there is still enough light to make out detail and feel the texture in the shadows.  The blue and yellow colors are naturally complimentary and offset each other nicely.  This is a beautifully balanced image and seems larger than it is.  Dave has captured a large dynamic range from the white clouds on the horizon to the dark shadows in the corners.  It's dynamic and inviting and makes us feel as if we would enjoy being there ourselves. Great work and it’s complimented by the remaining images in Dave’s wonderful collection.


Red Rock Canyon Oasis by Marie Costanza


Red Rock Canyon Oasis
by Marie Costanza

Marie has assembled an intriguing collection of photos taken in two parks in Nevada during March of 2019. She has always been drawn to rocks for their sparkle and color and for the geological history that they portray. Red Rock Canyon Oasis is a beautiful representation of Marie’s work in this exhibit. The rock formation that is the subject, clearly illustrates the effect of the wind and other environmental elements on this area over hundreds of millions of years. The lines of the water in the foreground and the smaller trees to the left and right frame the majesty of the rugged mountain in the middle ground. Helping to give a 3D feel to the image, the higher mountains to the left in the background suggest that this is just one of many delightful formations in the area. The numerous clouds in the balance of the image remind us that daily weather and overall climate has a very lasting effect on the living environment. Marie has certainly shared with us the sparkle and color of the southwest.

Call to Prayer by Chip Evra


Call to Prayer
by Chip Evra. 

This photograph tells a story – the shoes left on the street, the carpeted area is separated from the common day by a screen which puts the woman in her own holy space.  This is the essence of prayer in Islamic cultures.

The head is covered, contributing to the stillness of prayer. The image itself is very simple with only a few elements – this, too develops an almost-reverent quality to the photograph.  .

Chip displays another element in his composition: utilizing the foreground (the worldly surround) exemplified by behind his leaving sandals. Then a step up into a softer spiritual world, behind a screen creating a private space removed from the hustle and bustle of the secular world. 

This is amplified by the purity of unadorned wall, a space in which the focus is the relationship between oneself and the one to whom prayer is offered.

The lower perspective with the short focal length lens makes the sandals larger and the figure behind the screen appear distant. This carries the notion of moving a “distance” both physically and emotionally from the worldly to the state of prayer.

Morning Feeding by Tom Kredo


Morning Feeding
by Tom Kredo

Tom states that this is new direction for him, wildlife photography.  He has created in the photo Morning Feeding a beautiful image, reminding one of the classic Chinese and Japanese brush paintings with their minimalist approach to composition.   It is amazing that this is Tom's first show of wildlife photography, as this image is masterful and shows great creativity in its composition.

The bird is reflected cleanly in the water, making for a dramatic graphic image.  The beauty of the symmetry is amplified by the stream of water coming from its mouth, part of its feeding.

Offsetting and balancing this bird are several simple plants which make for a complete composition.  The serene image with its muted colors and almost pastel appearance make for a wonderful photograph.

Weird Bird by Joel Krenis


Weird Bird (Islamorada, Florida Keys)
by Joel Krenis

This is Joel’s second show as a Visiting Artist to the Gallery.  His selection for this show displays and underscores the quality of his photography, with an excellent series of black and white images. So often “nature photographs” show beautiful colorful animals in their native habitat.  Joel has done the opposite, making a photograph which evokes mystery and wonder.  Questions the viewer may ask are why is the bird dancing? Why Is he approaching from the light to the viewer amid the dense foliage? Is he bringing a message, a warning? We never even can determine what kind of bird this is, or is it a metaphor for something beyond being just a bird?

The composition utilizes light very effectively, directing the viewer’s eyes to the one light portion of the photo, framing this unworldly bird.  The path converges on the bird, almost a stage- like setting in natural surroundings.

The corridor is also very interesting; it too has an almost unworldly appearance, as the lush wet environment of Florida would produce.  This is a fine photograph, showing how capturing nature can do more than just recording a close up of bird, and utilizing Joel’s skill with black and white to make this an even more dramatic image.

Red Oak and Snow by Sheridan Vincent


Red Oak in Snow, Durand Eastman Park
by Sheridan Vincent

Too often we look at images on a computer screen and miss so much more of what the artist wants to convey.  Sheridan has explored both novel ways to portray his images of subjects in the local area as well as ways to exhibit these images over his years of displaying his work at the Gallery.

 He has worked with a very creative framer to make finished products that swoop abound corners, break from the traditional rectangular perspectives and very effectively use techniques such as 360-degree photography.

With Red Oak and Snow the frame becomes part of the presented photograph.  It extends the beautiful colors of the tree in late autumn and makes for a wonderful finished image.  The tree has a somewhat unworldly look thanks to the skill used with the 360-degree photography employed. 

The white of the show contrasts with the green of the trees in the distance and the tree which is late in dropping its leaves, providing color both in the tree and detail of the fallen leaves on the pristine snow.  This photograph demonstrates the collaboration between two very talented individuals.

This is a beautiful photograph which belongs on your walls…… combining the beauty of both fall and winter as well a wonderful creativity in both photography and the finishing presentation.

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