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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Partners' Picks of Featured
and Guest Photographers

Rochester by Jim Dusen



by Jim Dusen

We were drawn to the composition and the colors of Jim Dusen’s image, Rochester. Jim’s image shows us a city that has encompasses both historical and contemporary structures. The colors of the orange brick along with the turquoise of the distant building add interest and energy to the image.

The details of the city’s multifaceted architectural elements entice the viewer to see historical ornamental structures as well as modern, stark 20th Century structures, side by side. The rectangular buildings framing the image move us back into the center of the photograph to the many-windowed turquoise building. This building is the Powers Building that was built in 1869. The crispness of the image allows us to see the cast iron and stone fašade that was popular in the 1800’s. Another of the historical structures in the image is the Reynolds Arcade Building that was originally built in 1828 and later rebuilt. These preserved edifices are reflected in the stark, steel and glass of the modern, black Crossroads Office building on the corner of Main and State. From the towering windows above we look down on the rooftops below and get a feeling of the density that sometimes exists when a city reinvents itself over the years. 

Jim Dusen’s Rochester’ is beautifully crafted, giving us a visual view of an ever-evolving cityscape.


Hope Dealers 17 by Julie Oldfield

Hope Dealers #17
by Julie Oldfield

Photography is not always pretty. In fact, Julie uses her talent to show us the crisis at hand. The Hope Dealers Be the Change organization picked up over 100,000 discarded needles to date! That number is staggering. If nothing else, this collection of photographs has to alarm you. Selecting a single photograph does not tell the entire story. The composition of #17 is the most dramatic and with the best lighting, but it really takes all of these photographs to tell the story.  Talk with Julie if she is at the Gallery when you are.  Recognize the dedication of this organization and please visit hopedealersbtc.com for more information.

Fitz Roy Sunrise by Anthony Ryan


Fitz Roy Sunrise, in Argentina
by Anthony Ryan

Fitz Roy Sunrise, in Argentina, was selected as the Partner Pick for this exhibit. In honesty, though, any one of Anthony’s photographs could have been selected. Some of this review is unique to this image, but most is applicable to all of them. Notice the exceptional sharpness of the rock formations in the foreground as well as in the mountains hundreds of miles away. You will find this degree of sharpness in all of his photographs. Anthony has several techniques he employs to get these results. Some of which he will divulge if you ask him. Anthony has an uncanny eye when he composes his images. Note how the waterfalls dive sharply to the lower right corner creating a powerful diagonal matched only by the power of the falls themselves. Look at the majestic mountains at the top third of the image and recognize a seemingly mirror image of the falls in the opposite direction. It’s important to note that many photographers will wait for several days just to see this mountain range as it is blocked by clouds most of the time.  There is so much to discover in all of Anthony’s photographs. Spend some time with each of them! 

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