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Partners' Picks of the Show

Love of Land & Water

Gary and Phyllis Thompson


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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Partners' Picks of Featured and Guest Photographers
Barn at Sunset by Honey DeLapa

Barn at Sunset
by Honey DeLapa

Honey mentions in her bio that she photographs at the transition time between Autumn and Winter....a time that many of us start thinking about hibernating for the winter!  But as she illustrates with this beautiful photograph, if you do this you certainly miss something.

The photograph is expertly composed, with the old barn counter-weighted compositionaly by the two bare trees, making for a very balanced photograph.  The light washing the front of the barn draws our eye to the colors which reflect similar colors on the horizon.  The two trees stand proudly, though denuded of the leaves of the summer and the early autumn seasons.  The foreground is of dried, somewhat unkempt underbrush, which provides a strong foundation for the photograph.

There is a atmosphere of loneliness in this photograph.....both from the time of the year and the isolation of the barn on the landscape.  The foreground almost acts a a barrier, separating the barn from the viewer.  Pastel colors are inviting  with the glow of the sunset making for a counterpoint to the green of the foreground brush.

Using a long aspect ratio, almost a panorama, Honey has the room to give each part of the photograph enough separation to make for a marvelous end result.



Abandoned Farm by Tom Kredo 


Abandoned Farm
by Tom Kredo

During a recent trip to Iceland with his wife Cindy, Tom was able to capture many different landscape photos, a sample of which is in the Neuberger Gallery. The muted colors and soft lighting owe much to the mist and fog that enveloped them though most of the trip. Many of these photos serve as a nice series, sharing some common characteristics. A viewer will quickly notice that the sheer magnitude of the landscape through which Tom is traveling, seems even grander through his use of a foreground subject that adds depth and proportion to the image. One notices that each of these subjects is placed in one of the power positions where the greatest tension is created and produces a more pleasing photo. The Abandoned Farm is placed just to the right of center providing a contrast to the mountain in the background. Observe that the light around the barn roughly corresponds to the shape of the mountain behind it. Tom has chosen to include quite a bit of the foreground, yet the ever-brightening light leads one into the mid-range of the photo that includes the bright light on the farm and the surrounding area including the horses in the field. The darker and less colorful background adds a great deal of depth. This certainly looks like an abandoned farm, but the grazing calmness of the horses makes one wonder. Thank you, Tom, for a wonderful series about a land which many of us are unable to visit.

Sailboat and Glacier by Bob Simon

Sailboat and Glacier
by Bob Simon

All of Bob Simon’s black and white photos are wonderful, but Sailboat and Glacier stands out. There is a nice dynamic range between the whites in the sails and the blacks in the shadows. The rough and detailed texture of the glacier plays nicely with the very structured triangle and smooth surface of the sails. The feature that really stands out is the enormity of the glacier compared to a fairly large boat. Notice that the water line is low in the image and that the boat is not in the center. These are intentional and well thought out framing considerations. I’m reminded of the “Jaws” quote… “I think we need a bigger boat!”  Great photo Bob!

Calf Creek Falls by Gary Thompson

Calf Creek Falls – Utah
by Gary Thompson

For more than 40 years Gary has pursued landscapes in the United States, and he has taken thousands of photographs using slide film. Gary’s photographs capture mood and emotion in addition to the visual scene of many lesser-known locations. Calf Creek Falls has always been one of my favorite Thompson captures. There are many impressive components to this photograph and all of them complement each other creating a truly remarkable image. The tones are mostly greens and golds – a beautiful combination. Gary used a slower shutter speed to make the falls smooth, but not too slow so as to hide all of the detail in the water. It’s really nice how the two falls create a triangle between them with a little greener than the rest of the rock. It’s a really inviting scene and you can feel yourself sitting on the bank listening to the water crash to the creek bellow. This is just one of Gary’s many outstanding pieces in this exhibit.


Stepping Stones by Phyllis Thompson

Stepping Stones
by Phyllis Thompson

Once again we have been treated to a beautiful show by two of the top landscape photographers in Rochester.  Phyllis shows her own style, even though she and her husband photographs at the same locations.

Stepping Stones checks off every box in a list of what makes an effective and beautiful landscape photograph. 

The strong graphic elements of the stream surrounded on both sides with hills containing the stream is beautifully composed.  The rocks catch your eye and draw you into the landscape....in an almost hypnotic way.  Grasses in the water give texture to the stream and set off the stones.  One almost wants to walk across the stream on the stones, but there purposely is not any real clue to the size of the stones, one can only guess.

The small amount of sky in the top-most part of the photograph balances the image, as well as the rock on the left side. 

Balance, drawing the viewer into the image, muted . non-garish colors and technical excellence make this a photograph that anyone would like to hang on their wall and enjoy this beautiful landscape for a long time.

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