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Preview of the Show

The TWA Flight Center
58 Years Later

by Carl Crumley

August 11 - September 6, 2020


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All images copyright by the individual photographers

A Selection of Photographs from the Exhibit


No Right Angles by Carl Crumley
No Right Angles
Carl Crumley
Constellation and Flight Center by Carl Crumley
Constellation and Flight Center
Carl Crumley
The Call by Carl Crumley
The Call
Carl Crumley
Upward by Carl Crumley
Carl Crumley
Retro Stewardesses by Carl Crumley
Retro Stewardesses
Carl Crumley
Control Tower by Carl Crumley
Control Tower
Carl Crumley
NYC Mirrored Reflection by Kyle Preston
NYC Mirrored Reflection
Kyle Preston
Misty Mountain at Sunrise by Gary Paige
Misty Mountain at Sunrise
Gary Paige
Loon on Display by Myrna Paige
Loon on Display
Myrna Paige

Blood Moon by Gerry Iuppa
Blood Moon
Gerry Iuppa
Sunlight on the Bluffs by Marie Costanza
Sunlight on the Bluffs
Marie Costanza
Grand Falls with Boulders by Michael Shoemaker
Grand Falls with Boulders
Michael Shoemaker

The Look by Dick Beery
The Look
Dick Beery

Liberty Pole by Sheridan Vincent
Liberty Pole
Sheridan Vincent

Weighing the Options by d dargan teska
Weighing the Options
d dargan teska

Durand Lake #2 by Don Menges
Durand Lake #2
Don Menges
Fetch by Steve Levinson
Steve Levinson


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