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Gallery Picks of the Show


by Harry Littell

November 2 - 28, 2021

Gallery Partners have chosen our "Picks of the Show"
by Feature and Guest Photographers

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Not Your Average Eggs by Dave Braitsch

Not Your Average Eggs
by Dave Braitsch
18x22-in, $150

David has a very interesting show titled Whimsy in the Neuberger gallery this month. 

His pictures have the quality of whimsy, but even so he displays photographs that are excellent and enjoyable to observe

Not Your Average Eggs is an elegant arrangement of three eggs complete with wonderful reflection/shadows.

The clever lighting provides shadows that reveal the texture of the shells, but you have to look twice to confirm that these really are eggs. They are misshaped and the question is how did they get that way. The reflections confirm that these eggs might actually be a misshaped or has David has used some Photoshop magic to both alter the shape of the eggs and the reflections?

The color palette and the framing employed in this photograph are excellent, within an asymmetry which strongly contributes to the composition.

This photograph is one which discloses ever increasing levels of its beauty as the viewer spends time appreciating this image.



Jane by Steve Dent

by Steve Dent
20x28-in, $200 (or $160 print only)

Steve titles this series of excellent photographs as “music made visible. “

In his write-up he talks about how photographing dance allows you to arrest movement and emotion that is fleeting and that passes in seconds. The beauty is finding and capturing those moments.

The photograph Jane is a wonderful example of dance photography. Steve has captured the dancer in midflight with legs and arms stretched outward while still almost floating in the air. The ripples and folds of her dress accentuate this movement and offer a counterpoint to the dancer’s classic figure.

Arms and legs are symmetrical filling almost the entire middle of the frame while there is enough space left below to give you the feeling of  her being suspended in the air.

The colors are beautifully handled, muted tones which do not distract from the image but complement it.


Ithaca 2018 - 6 by Harry Littell

Ithaca, 2018 (6)
y Harry Littell
29x40-in, $875

Harry Littell lives in Ithaca and conducted a project over the past four years or so to explore the area within a 50 MILE RADIUS, hence the name of his exhibit. He concentrated on what he calls the ‘built environment and the people’ of the various small cities in that radius. The photos are of buildings, both commercial and private and, in many cases, new construction and the workers. At first glance the photos in Harry’s exhibit appear to be ordinary architectural photos that are a nice selection of photos of the various small cities/towns in the region. Yet, consider the reason for his project. The Finger Lakes is touted nationally and internationally as a destination of nature’s beauty and wonder, of waterfalls, forests, lakes, and award-winning wines. However, the small cities of the region surrounding Ithaca contain dilapidated, worn-out buildings and construction at odds with the shops and building composition of earlier times.

Ithaca, 2018 (6) is demonstrative of Harry’s work. The photo is sharp throughout, with a three-dimensional fore, middle, and background, and. the lighting is beautifully rendered. The buildings in the middle ground are classical structures from the late 19th and early 20th century with decorative flourishes, varied colors, shops at street level and apartments or possibly offices on the floors above. Compare these buildings with the in-progress construction in the background that looks to be a modern, boring edifice with little of the ornamentation and life of the older buildings. One wonders what used to be in the foreground area that looks to be another high rise. Did this construction space contain similar buildings to what we see across the street, torn down to replace with the new? Will this new building complement the ones across the street?

On the other hand, this photo also expresses the vitality of the region and its success in commercial enterprises. The older buildings are energizing and full and the new construction communicates important investments for the future economic success of the area.

What do you think about the future economic and natural vitality of the Finger Lakes?

Radial by John Retallack


by John Retallack
22x22-in, $200

This photograph is an exercise in simplicity.

It consists of just a single flower in a vase presenting a simple beauty, lush color in the petals with the flower standing alone

Perspective is well handled – the flower faces us, almost insisting that we look and listen to it.

The simple vase – nothing fancy—with a square opening is a counterpoint to the round blossom with its many petals providing the title of this photograph Radial.

The viewer can enjoy the gentle curve of the stem joining the blossom to the water at the base of the vase.

The many textures are so well realized in this photo – the center with its little spikes and pattern, the gentle petals displaying their softness, the hard transparent glass, the meniscus curve where the water clings to the walls of the vase.

A truly well-crafted and beautiful photograph!

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