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Preview of the Show



by David Bleich

 April 18 - May 14, 2023

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A Selection of Photographs in the Exhibit

All images copyright by the individual photographers

Philosophy and Logistics by David Bleich
Philosophy and Linguistics
David Bleich

Windows by David Bleich
Sunday Morning
David Bleich
Windows by David Bleich
Strata Red
David Bleich

Autum Glory by Christopher Cilento
Autumn Glory
Christopher Cilento

Copenhagen by Nicholas Jospe
Nicholas Jospe
Ballerino by Elena Dilai
Elena Dilai

Cathedral Caverns by Debbie Haskins
Cathedral Caverns
Debbie Haskins

Dinners Going to be Late by Bob Pease
Dinner's Going to be Late
Bob Pease, Camera Rochester

Branches by Ken Mason
Ken Mason
Hill of Crosses Lithuania by Michelle Turner
Hill of Crosses, Lithuania
Michelle Turner, Camera Rochester
Roots by David Ridley
David Ridley, Camera Rochester
Fog of Dimentia by John Holtz
Fog of Dimentia
John Holtz, Camera Rochester

Proudly Perched by Marie Costanza
Proudly Perched
Marie Costanza

Letchworth in Winter by Luann Pero
Letchworth in Winter
Luann Pero
Early Spring by Don Menges
Early Spring
Don Menges
  Frontier Field 2007 by Sheridan Vincent
Frontier Field 2007
Sheridan Vincent

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