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Gallery Picks of the Show

Photographs by David Bleich

April 18 - May 14, 2023

Gallery Partners have chosen our "Picks of the Show"
by Guest Photographers

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Philosophy and Logistics by David Bleich

Philosophy and Linguistics by David Bleich  

M.C. Escher was a Dutch graphic artist who created mathematically inspired art. In the late twentieth century, he became widely appreciated, and in the twenty-first century he has been celebrated in exhibitions around the world. The major feature of his work is that he challenges the viewer with subjects that draw you in and make you look at them to understand how the impossible can look possible. David takes a similar approach in his photograph Philosophy and Linguistics, however using the camera to achieve a similar visual challenge with an amazing building that exists on the MIT campus.

The viewer looks at the arrangement of windows protruding out of metallic exoskeletons and must keep reminding themselves that this is a real subject and not a post-processing creation. The camera angle makes for a photograph that is visually stimulating, one that you could stand in front of for quite a while, exploring the juxtaposition of windows, shapes and colors.

If this work was the size of a postage stamp, it would have a tremendously lower impact…however David has made this photo enormous (as with the rest of the photographs in this wonderful exhibit) so that it allows you to “enter” the photograph that is as big as you are.  You can study it, getting drawn into this amazing building.

David’s photographs, especially this one, require the viewer to not just walk by and glance at it.  Exploring the way, they are composed, articulated and presented is what makes this exhibit special to enjoy.

Truly an amazing exhibit by a very talented photographer who combines the technical ability to make such large photographs with his wonderful artistic eye.

By Steve Levinson 


Victoria-Reflection by Elena Dilai

Victoria, Reflection Elena Dilai

The photographs being exhibited by Elena are breathtaking in their beauty, their composition and color, and their creativity.  It’s too difficult to select only one to explore.  These are portraits created, not simply “taken.”  In each is a story, and perhaps a little magic.  They are expressions of both the subject and the creative imagination of the artist.  They trigger our imagination as well.

Victoria, Reflection, with it’s gentle colors and graceful form presents a mystical pool of reflecting water that seems so natural. And Victoria seems to be looking at her reflection even as we are.  And there is the beautiful “Ballerina” reaching toward  the streaming gown that she herself has set in motion. Partners in dance, partners in color, partners in mystery.  A beautiful freedom.

And then there is “Rejuvenation” – bold and dramatic.  First there is the blaze of color against the dark, the tree silhouette, and then a  the eyes and face of a woman emerge.  It is a beautiful revealing and once seen, she remains the focus, the center.  What do we see in her eyes, the lips, the shape that is revealed only in the deeper shadows?  We can be drawn to the light above, but we return to her face, to her eyes.

Elena demonstrates a mastery of both the original photograph and the post-processing tools in her “creative portraits” work.  They are beautiful and imaginative.  A masterful collection, Elena!

By John Solberg


Copenhagen by Nicholas Jospe

Copenhagen, Denmark by Nicholas Jospe

Denmark is a peninsula jutting out from the northern part of Germany. It reaches up alongside Norway to the north.  Copenhagen is at the furthest eastern part of Denmark and just about touches Malmö, Sweden. If Nick had been able to be another 300 feet higher you would see that Copenhagen is surrounded by water. There is a lot to be seen from the vantage point this photograph was made. You can see the seas at the very top and the canals slicing into Denmark at the left of this terrific panorama. This photo is a very well-made panorama. Stitching together the many photographs taken takes a lot of skill. The resolution of the image is spectacular. The clear detail impressive. I feel like I’m there with Nick with this vast vison to the sea that must be many miles away. Congrats on a job well done Nick.

By Don Menges

Branches by Ken Mason


Branches By Ken Mason

According to Steve Magee, “The trees will tell their secrets to those that tune in.” Ken Mason certainly has tuned into the trees around him as is seen in his Gallery Pick, Branches. One might wonder what secrets might be held within the branches of this particular tree that Ken chose to “tune into.” Might the secret be found within the trunks, a defining characteristic of trees? Or perhaps enveloped within the wooden skins among the diverse textures and patterns?

As one continues to stare at the image, the intricate pattern of branches within a sea of trunks, one might begin to notice the works of man that are intertwined with the tree, for example, the cable wires leading towards the center, where the homes are found.  Perhaps the secrets within the trees have their roots in the hub, where man resides.

Such is the power of the overall image, the viewer’s eye does not stay with the branches, for the viewer wants to continually take in and explore every detail of this delightful scene.  The blue and white of the sky contrast beautifully with the dark tones of the tree providing a superb overall image to timelessly explore. Ken’s choice of presenting this image in a circular shape, printed on metal intensifies the beauty of the scene. The composition of this photo as well as several others in Ken’s display, which have been enhanced by digital techniques, serve to enrich, intensify and augment nature itself to the artistic and photographic skills of Ken. 

By Marie Costanza

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