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black and white

images by

Paul Porell and his
Nazareth College Art Students

March 28 to April 22, 2007

Artists Reception: Friday, March 30, 2007 5 - 8:30 pm

Paul Porell and his Nazareth College art students

Paul Porell • Erin Berrin • Melissa Bohrer • Megan Clark • Katie Cole • Emily Cook
Rich Cravatta • Courtney Douglas • Ariana Duncan • Ashley Eipp • Christa Evans
Heidi Frawley • Deb Giambrone • Holly Hunt • Emily Huthsteiner • Patricia Knight
Ashley Kukula • Morgan Levey • Brittany Novitzki • Beth Oustrich • Alex Pattison
Kelly Powell • Meredith Reilly  • Paula Rogala  • Laina Trombetta
Jessica Wallace •Josh Weatherall • Kristina Weber • Chris Yarger


guest photographers

Tom Drew
Richard Evans
Linda Tarli

artists in residence

Bill Bernbeck
Daniel P. Crozet
Jim Patton
David Perlman

gallery partner photographers

Dan Neuberger
Betsy Phillips
John Solberg
Gary Thompson
Phyllis Thompson
Sheridan Vincent

gallery executive director

Ed Vesneske

Gallery Hours:   Wednesday - Saturday 11 - 7 and Sunday 12 - 4

 Dear ICPG Patron,

Image City Photography Gallery is showcasing Nazareth College photography.  Black and White is the work Of Paul Porell, photography instructor, and twenty-eight of his students.  The students are primarily from throughout New York and Pennsylvania. The images are intentionally black and white and mostly captured with film.  I acknowledge Nazareth College’s Art Department’s appreciation of classic black and white film and traditional darkroom techniques.

Black and white is the one commonality.  The work, itself, is eclectic.  The twenty-eight students provide a medley of images varying in style, subject matter, and intent. This is a reflection of their instructor, who states, “I want them to think and produce creatively.”  He further states, “I encourage my students to seek uniqueness, provoke thought, capture the essence, and express their feelings. First and foremost, I see photographing as a tool or vehicle for self-exploration.”  He feels this is in keeping with the mission of the highly regarded art program of Nazareth College.  The Art Department considers it essential to gain the fundamental knowledge of “how art is conceptualized and realized” and “to synthesize and interpret concepts using artistic media.”

Porell’s own images in the show, relating to cemeteries. exemplifies his philosophy.  He states, “My most recent work deals with cemeteries.  Like many photographers I have always been fascinated.   I often ask, ‘have cemetery images become a cliché?’  and with that possibility, I became more compelled to let that be my project.   I saw cemeteries continually being enclosed upon by housing and business development with many surrounded by gas stations, restaurants and shopping malls.  As the project continues, so does my fascination.”

Paul Porell has taught photography at Nazareth College for six years. His previous career was that of a lawyer.  Influenced by an early desire to contribute to society he, for nine years, gave legal assistance to the disadvantaged.  Gratified, but unfulfilled artistically, he pursued a Master of Fine Arts in Photography at Rochester Institute of Technology.  This has led to his personal artistic gratification as well as the opportunity to contribute through his teaching at Nazareth College.

The exhibit is from March 28 to April 22.  The Artists Reception is on March 30 from 5 to 8:30 p.m.

The gallery welcomes two new partners, JFK/AJVK and John Solberg.  The new Artists In Residence, Daniel P. Crozet, Jim Patton, and former partner Bill Berbeck join David Perlman.  Show guest artists are Tom Drew, Richard Evans, and Linda Tarli.

Image City Photography Gallery welcomes you to welcome all of them.


Ed Vesneske

Executive Director


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