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Re: generations

Kevin Dean & Douglas Dean McFarland

April 25 to May 20, 2007

Artists Reception: Friday, April 27, 2007 5 - 8:30 pm

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guest photographers

Joe Silverberg
Naomi Hauser
Sally Sakshaug

artists in residence

Bill Bernbeck
Daniel P. Crozet
Jim Patton
David Perlman

gallery partner photographers

Dan Neuberger
Betsy Phillips
John Solberg
Gary Thompson
Phyllis Thompson
Sheridan Vincent

gallery executive director

Ed Vesneske

Gallery Hours:   Wednesday - Saturday 11 - 7 and Sunday 12 - 4

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Image City Photography Gallery presents Re: Generations, the work of Doug McFarland, father, and Kevin Dean, son.  This work of two generations synergistically creates a splendid display of images.  Although strikingly different they are artistically complimentary resulting in a fascinating photographic exhibition.

States Kevin, “I grew up around art.  My father is an amazing, accomplished artist, but he would never admit that.  I suppose you could say it’s just in my veins” At eleven Kevin became “obsessed” with photography.  At 19 while pursuing a fine arts degree he “fell in love with metalworking. “  He states “in those days, it seemed as though I fell in love with every new art form I experienced.”  During a hiatus from metal sculpture he returned to photography. Now Kevin feels he has found the perfect balance between photography, metal sculpture, design, and video art.

Doug recalls his fascination with art and nature as an Appalachian Mountains boy, born in the central Pennsylvania railroad town of Altoona during the ‘50s, and “growing up in a loving, caring family.”   Doug recollects, “When I was eight, we moved to a one bedroom house on the edge of a wonderful forest in Johnstown, Pa.  Not having a room of my own I made the forest cliffs, gullies and creeks my permanent playroom.  By age eleven I was forest hiking with my used Kodak Brownie.”  While in the service in Europe in his early twenties, this romance with nature continued.  In his thirties, deep nature exploration in Canada and throughout the United States, further cultivated his artistic passion for sketching, painting and photography.  This relationship continues.  Doug states “After all, these places have always been my home away from home, rain or shine, cold or hot, and to be like my youthful forest playroom.”  He states “Combining my love of the forest, and my love of photography, I shoot in the hopes that others can experience the beauty of the forest as I do.”  Doug’s subject matter interests include architecture and city skylines.

As an early student of traditional art, Doug began selling oil, ink and pastel paintings in the ‘60s and ‘70s as well as developing an interest in black and white photography.  By the ‘80s he experimented with computer digital images, producing digital artwork for computer games. In the ‘90s he rekindled his interest in photography with the eventual move to digital in 2002.  During this period Doug created his own color palette which he calls “sienna”, unlike the traditional “sepia”.

Neither Doug nor Kevin considers their work as traditional.  Doug sees his use of color and style as atypical.  Kevin views his subject matter, style, technique and presentation, including mounting materials, as non-traditional. Kevin describes his work as “minimal experimental photography.”  Minimal, that is, in taking a single subject i.e. an arm or leg, and experimental by using toy film cameras, toy digital cameras, medium format cameras, cell phone cameras, Polaroid cameras, and video stills.  He also seeks out and uses out-of-date film.

Kevin has exhibited in twenty-six group and solo shows in and outside of Rochester in both metalwork and photography.  National and international shows include Boston, Los Angeles, Prague, Toronto, New York City, and Washington, D.C.  He has twice been an art grant semi-finalist in sculpture.  Three times he has been published in Lake Affect Magazine.

Doug has had numerous exhibitions and frequently exhibits at art shows.  He has also given talks on his photography.

Also showing are three guest photographers, four Artists in Residence and seven gallery partners.

Please join us at our Artists Reception on Friday, April 27, from 5 to 8:30 pm.


Ed Vesneske
Executive Director


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